Poetry by Jeff Green


Happy Birthday Sue Cardwell

by cricketjeff on January 4, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In a town just outside Tonbridge in a sleepy part of Kent
It’s the Birthday of a friend of mine of soft poetic bent
I think she’s over thirty but that’s all I’m going to say
As we wouldn’t want a rumour to disrupt her special day

She is good at many genres and the queen of happy-sad
Tearing sobs from men of iron when she writes about a Dad
She delights her many followers in free verse or in rhyme
Not reading all her output is a heinous AP crime

She will scribble down a sonnet or a longer lyric verse
And her comments will be apposite and never rude or terse
So please raise a glass beside me to this poet with a clue
From the poets on AllPoetry here’s “Happy Birthday Sue”