Poetry by Jeff Green


The upside of dirt

by cricketjeff on January 6, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The talents of some artists are a dream,
There’s art to see wherever people are.
A muddy windscreen’s not what it may seem,
“The Haywain” in a very dirty car.

A Mini or a Roller can display
The image of a well known masterpiece.
A dusty road has something it must say;
An artist gave frustrated dirt release.

How did this very strange obsession start?
I’d never see pure beauty in a mess.
It takes a crazy man to find the art
In any car-proud motorist’s distress.

The Sunday carwash crew should take a break
That coat of wax may be a sad mistake!

Author notes

A Shakespearean sonnet inspired by the image and the others on this site http://www.dirtycarart.com/DCAGallery/index.html