Poetry by Jeff Green


Winter Weather

by cricketjeff on January 6, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

This morning it was cold enough for snowmen to complain
Brass Monkeys wore some very worried frowns
We’d had a break but someone thought we needed snow again
Another one of nature’s ups and downs

Some cars go better sideways when there isn’t any grip
And some just sit with madly spinning wheels
Old ladies walking slowly terrified that they may slip
Appear to be the source of angry squeals

But if you watch your footing and you think before you tread
It’s only snow, the street looks very nice
Refrozen slush is different you may end up on your head
When trying to cross a slope on soaking ice

The children playing snowballs and the snowmen by the score
Reminders that the winter can be fun
I rather like this weather but we don’t need any more
Enough’s enough when all is said and done!