Poetry by Jeff Green


Sending me to you

by cricketjeff on January 7, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It is, as one might almost say, a little chilly here today;
I wish that you were near for me to hug.
A lovely roaring open fire, would fill my heart with raw desire
If you were wrapped beside me on a rug.

Outside the world is under snow that makes my toes and fingers glow
But I can only sit and dream alone.
Inside my heart you’re here with me, with wine to drink and poetry,
You see the seeds the thought of you has sown.

I offer you, my far off miss, a friendly smile, a tender kiss
And wish that you were sitting by my side.
I hope that you are feeling well and soon find happy tales to tell
With all the dreams that cupid can provide.

I thought I’d send this little note with all the love that I can float
Across the world towards your tender heart.
Each line transports a part of me to you across the winter sea,
So you and I can never be apart.