Poetry by Jeff Green


Come with me

by cricketjeff on January 8, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I’ll take you on my moonlit cycle ride
Down summer roads through gentle Sussex downs.
The hedges buzz with life that couldn’t care
For two slow silent travellers by night.
A fox patrols, a glimpse of reddish grey
And flashing eyes like stars that fell to Earth.
We start to work it’s hard to climb the hill
But ssshhhh! Don’t puff, a deer stands up ahead,
It scans the scene and looks me in the eye
Then leaps aside towards a dull black wood.
Now stop and stare; a million diamond stars
Are staring back to see us on our way.
The Moon, not full, but gibbous, takes the lead
With constellations dancing to her tune.
The big and little bears that hunt each night
Cassiopeia’s double-u below,
The milky way is just a feeble stream
When moonlight’s bright enough to ride a bike.
It’s downhill now, ignore the wilder sights
Exhilaration fills our every breath,
A squeal of breaks and squeal of fear from me.
The corner made, but only by a hair
And home’s ahead with bacon rolls and tea
Where, laughing still, it’s bed for you and me.