Poetry by Jeff Green


Every thought’s of you

by cricketjeff on January 8, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Every thought of you’s in meter,
Every dream of you’s in rhyme,
There is nothing could be sweeter
Than to love you all the time.
Every sigh of you’s a painting,
Every glimpse a work of art,
When we speak I feel like fainting,
Cannot breathe when we’re apart.

You will always be my lover,
You are always in my mind,
Though I keep you under cover
I can’t leave you far behind.
You are always where I’m writing,
You are always where I read,
Making life much more exciting,
Without you I can’t succeed.

Just a word from you I’m smiling,
Just a moment in your day,
While you sitting down and whiling
Idle fantasies away.
Just for now and then forever,
Just until the sun explodes,
You will be my true endeavour
And the Rome of all my roads.