Poetry by Jeff Green


A cheaper alternative

by cricketjeff on January 8, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The government ordered some cuts in defence
But none of us should be alarmed
The World is in crisis diplomacy’s tense
Our soldiers are still fully armed

We’ll still build the fighters, ten billion a pop
The ships that look proud on the sea
Our missiles are modern the cream of the crop
Defending the careless and free

But something must give now the banks have the cash
We cannot all spend as we wish
Our fortunes have dropped with one helluva splash
High flyers now swim with the fish

So boffins have battered their brains for a year
To see how the army can save
They’ve found that the soldiers, the men without fear
Can alter the way they behave

It’s clearly quite wasteful the fighting in tanks
They drink up the juice as they drive
They cost so much dosh we must guard both their flanks
And other expenses arrive

A man on a bike with a gun on a truck
Will do just as well we are sure
Replacing the armour with gallons of luck
This new innovation’s the cure

We’re working on others, hang gliders and kites
No ‘copters to ride anymore
Our armies provide the most stunning of sights
As they all rollerskate off to war

We’re safe in our cities, the bonuses paid
The banks once again riding high
The taxes that pay them won’t suffer a raid
To pay for a soldier to fly

Next target’s the children, the spending on schools
They’re dreadfully wasteful we’ve found
Computers and paper are just used by fools
Just scratch with a stick on the ground!

Author notes

Dosh is a slang British term for money