Poetry by Jeff Green


All year

by cricketjeff on January 13, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In a garden, swinging slowly with you sitting next to me
Underneath an ancient oak tree finding love and poetry
With the Spring all round for pleasure lots of flowers and singing birds
We could while away a lifetime and not need to find the words

On a bank beside a river, holding you, beneath the Moon
With a bottle, and a blanket, on the twenty first of June
In my eyes you’d see I loved you and my lips would brush your cheek
In the silence of the Summer there would be no need to speak

Autumn leaves would rustle gently making bronzed and golden snow
As you cuddled ever closer and the breeze began to blow
We could wait in loving silence until every branch was bare
And not feel the need to broadcast empty words into the air

Now the winter’s made me shiver and I want to hold you tight
We would seek a safer shelter from the freezing lack of light
And for reasons I can’t fathom for the first time in the year
I would wait for you to whisper all the words I need to hear