Poetry by Jeff Green


We live in twitterocracy

by cricketjeff on January 14, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

We live in twitterocracy
Where thought is dear but jibes are free
Too few believe in sane debate
Deciding great affairs of state
How could such foolishness have come to be?

We cast our votes for an MP
Who tells us it’s democracy
We’ll all get riches on a plate
If we’re prepared to sit and wait
He says he’ll always work for you and me

So now we sit despondently
While he decides what we should see
And how our money should be spent
On projects that we never meant
For government to fund so recklessly

His face will grin down vacantly
From posters that we all will see
When it’s the time to cast a vote
To keep the ship of state afloat
I wish there was a better-ocracy!