Poetry by Jeff Green


Changing times

by cricketjeff on January 17, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Were you there before forever meant a moment not for life,
When a man made a commitment when he made a girl his wife?
Did you see the consequences of the changes we have made,
All the gains and all the losses and the truths we have betrayed?

Do we think that lies and spinning can replace an honest aim,
Now that running lives and countries is the object of a game?
Those in charge are not in service, they are out for number one;
Am I foolish to believe that better races could be run?

When we started on the journey there were always rogues and crooks,
Those who thought less of production than of fiddling the books;
But I think that I remember there were other motives then,
When a few of those around us thought about their fellow men.