Poetry by Jeff Green


The Archduke of tse-tse flies writes

by cricketjeff on January 19, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Before the Archduke Ferdinand
Conspired with persons underhand,
To spread the tse-tse fly through Congo’s hills,
He tried to circumnavigate,
To earn a Scout certificate,
For spreading awful parasites and ills.

The melting ice-caps of the Sun
Provided us with piles of fun,
Until the winter freeze refroze them all.
So now we’re surfing on the Moon,
The season lasts through May and June,
And all of us are having such a ball.

Inconsequential ponderings
And unintended wanderings,
Create a metaphysical array;
Don’t ever underestimate
The men who insubstantiate
The principles we give away each day.

Next week we may polymerise
The monomers that sterilize
The vaccine that safeguards the president,
We’ll post it off with DHL,
Addressed to “Noble Leader, Hell”,
And keep receipts to show that it was sent.

Nonsensical is right for me,
Not elevated poetry,
Shakespeareans can grumble all they like.
Such nincompoops write boring tracts
That obfuscate important facts,
So if you meet one say, “Get on yer Bike!”

The superficiality
That keeps away reality
Is all I have that almost keeps me sane.
I’ll offer this in my defence,
It’s far more fun than common sense,
And nothing like as lethal to the brain.

Author notes

OK rule 1, it rhymes, check

rule 2, it has meter, steadyish I hope
3 – at least 4 5 syllable words yep
4 -10 three syllablers done
5 – fifteen twos I think so but I can’t count to fifteen with my socks on
6 – Thirty six lines, I can rewrite into six quatrains if you insist
7 – It’s about Archduke Ferdinand
8 – It’s about tse-tse fly in Congo
9 – It’s about whatever

I leave the lettered rules to you to judge