Poetry by Jeff Green


A dietary warning!

by cricketjeff on January 21, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When the night was cold as pumpkins and the sea was black as cheese
There were waves as tall as turnips that had never known disease
Under stars as bright as fourpence on the forty fifth of May
There were hoards of bulging loofahs who would carry him away

After leopards started jiving and the elephrogs moonwalked
There were parrots writing Shakespeare while the turgid dugong talked
And outside the open trapdoor there were hyacinths at play
And the hoards of bulging loofahs would soon carry him away

Down below where spaniels cackled like a flock of angry cows
There were Chinese men and women busy practising their bows
After eight the chocolates opened to a rousing “Hip Hooray”
While the hoards of bulging loofahs plotted hauling him away

He had eaten rather better than perhaps would have been wise
But in bed he started snoring hard and fast behind closed eyes
When your supper is a rich one you may find your dreams will stray
Now those horrid bulging loofahs will soon carry him away!

Author notes