Poetry by Jeff Green


A friend

by cricketjeff on January 23, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A friend is not the person who will give the best advice
Or lend you cash when you can’t pay your way
A friend will stand beside you and will not need asking twice
To hold your hand when nothing’s left to say

A friend is not demanding, understands when things go wrong
And won’t insist you make them number one
But they’ll be ever ready if you need a “tag-along”
A friend is glad to see you having fun

And finally, when things look bleak a friend won’t turn away
A friend can stand the bad times and the good
So grab your phone and call a friend who needs a hug today
And always treat your friends the way you should

Author notes

That hasn’t quite gone as I wanted, but I am falling asleep, will look again tomorrow.