Poetry by Jeff Green


Secret Passageways

by cricketjeff on January 26, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Some doors you cannot open hide a mystery inside,
And words you never knew can tell you why.
A force we cannot measure more insistent than the tide
Ensures we never find the way to fly.
But close your eyes and see things that are hidden by the day
And you will find the entrance to a secret passageway.

A wall too high for climbing that’s without a single gate,
Surrounds the places where we want to be.
You know the wall will crumble if you spare the time to wait
But there’s a better way to liberty.
Just close your eyes and dream and you can claim your prize today,
If you stop looking backwards and walk down that passageway.

The answers to the questions aren’t inside an ancient book,
The answers to the questions are in you.
If you cut out the excuses, and you lift the lid to look,
I know you’ll understand what you must do.
So close your eyes, be happy, do the work another day;
There’s lots of fun and laughter further down the passageway.

Author notes

Nothing’s so bad you can’t improve it with a dream