Poetry by Jeff Green


Do not read this!!!

by cricketjeff on January 26, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The squingybob of squaddlesquib went bingy bongy bap
Whenever Bert the paddlesquirt sat down to have a nap
And wooper Will went wooperwont on Tuesdays just for fun
Which wasn’t very fair of him it upset everyone

The bogglebids are bad today it could be caused by age
Or else by raging floopache which has put me in a rage
Have you seen Grund the Granoleen he should be here by now
I sent him out last frogday week to try to fly the cow

On Arthur there are many mips that can’t be seen in green
And some of them are big as brigs that’s almost seventeen
So never nooj your nanaloops until they’ve blonged their blunk
Or you will find your thinketing is full of thinks unthunk

I can’t tell why I wrote this down perhaps I’m mad as Midge
Or maybe I’ve been eating beans that weren’t left in the fridge
But though I’m crazy as a colt to write this pile of poo
At least I’ve not sat reading it, I’m not as mad as you!!!