Poetry by Jeff Green


Looking forward

by cricketjeff on January 27, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I close my eyes and you are there
A secret prize for me alone
The tasty dish I’ll never share
Is waiting in the spot we own
The hideaway
Where we can stay

I’ll hold you close for evermore
Enjoying love in all it’s forms
I’m with the girl that I’ll adore
Through all of life’s unwanted storms
Although by day
You’re far away

Each night my dreams are filled with you
I taste your lips like vintage wine
And every night is fresh and new
We giggle as I make you mine
It’s fun to play
With you each day

One day we’ll meet with open eyes
And all we have will then be real
The last remaining sweet surprise
Will be the way you really feel
When I can say
“I hope you’ll stay”

Author notes

Sixains of four lines in iambic tetrameter followed by the couplet in iambic dimeter.

I shall, if I may play around and see what mood the form seems to suit