Poetry by Jeff Green


Disturbed nights

by cricketjeff on January 29, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A gentle breeze disturbed the cherry trees,
Their leaves appeared to whisper to the night.
I thought that I could live my life at ease
But then an angel shimmered into sight.
The stars were stilled as nature held its breath,
She stood as though awash in silver light.
Transfixed by love I contemplated death
And everlasting happiness that night.
I’ve always asked the Moon in gentle sport,
To grant my wish to know perfection’s size.
But dreams fulfilled were never in my thought
Until I saw the Moonlight in her eyes.
  In Moonbeam showers I lost the easy way,
  The cunning Moon had other games to play.

Author notes

Er no, it is just a poem!