Poetry by Jeff Green


The organisation

by cricketjeff on February 3, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

At the meeting where the chairman bored the board
The directors were directing their abuse
And although he had the floor they had him floored
To a man they all demanded his excuse
Then the CEO said “Get it over soon”
And he threw a purple water-filled balloon

As the chairman wiped the water from his eyes
He proposed they aired their diff’rences outside
He was drowned by all the other member’s cries
And the water filled balloons that they supplied
So he walked across to fetch the fire hose
And the boardroom boys descended into blows

The shareholders were not happy when they saw
All the minutes of the hours the board had fought
Representatives of workers went to law
Wanting nothing more to do with all the sport
But the Judge was known to be a comic loon
Bashed his gavel on a water-filled balloon

At the AGM the parties settled down
To debate the way the company was run
And agreed their board was not allowed to frown
All good meetings need an element of fun
Though the chairman wasn’t happy he could see
That’s the way it works at Jokers PLC

Author notes

AGM is the Annual General Meeting of shareholders

PLC is Public Limited Company, a company where shares can be bought by anyone.