Poetry by Jeff Green


Lost moonbeams

by cricketjeff on February 5, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In the moonlight, when I met you, there was romance in the air;
In the silver shafts of beauty there was wonder everywhere.
In your voice before I saw you was the echo of the night,
You were singing like a rainbow filled with fairies and delight.
And you laughed before you saw me as the stars danced to your tune,
On that night when you released me to the magic of the Moon.

In the moonlight when you kissed me I saw all that I could be,
In the touches of your fingers there was hope and ecstasy.
So we walked beside the water of the pond inside the park,
Where the moths found food and safety in the shelter of the dark.
Far above a silver fountain scattered moonbeams on our heads,
And ignored the daylight dandies lying lifeless in their beds.

In the moonlight we were married by the priestess of the stars,
With a bridesmaid blessed by Venus and a best man dressed by Mars.
There were barn owls country dancing, while the bats just scuttered by
And you gave me more than heaven and the chance to rule the sky,
Where the mistress of our meetings taught the nightingale to croon,
Now I’ll hold your heart forever in the kingdom of the Moon.

In the moonlight there is no-one who can tear away my heart,
From the worship of my model and the muse of all my art.
And her queen is ever with her, never jealous nor afraid,
Of the beauty of the princess that her silver magic made.
You will always be my lover, mon amour, my perfect dream,
And your face is always with me, lit by just one lost moonbeam.