Poetry by Jeff Green


Loving the rain

by cricketjeff on February 5, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When you painted me a rainbow there were kisses in the clouds,
And a battery of Cupids poured their darts into the crowds.
With a black and gold umbrella we went buzzing down the street,
Arm in arm we kicked and giggled through the puddles by our feet.
There were sing-song dancing raindrops in the golden evening gleam,
And a city walk became a perfect dream.

With your hand inside my pocket I could not retrieve the keys
Or escape from little tickles or an earnest lover’s squeeze
So I kissed you like a demon and distracted you far more
While I found the way to get away and open up the door
Then we tumbled and we fumbled to a cuddle in the hall
And we didn’t need the reticence at all

All the laughter of our walking was now panting for the act
That would change the dreams of romance into hot and sweaty fact
Rain washed clothing fell in rivers as we muddled up the stairs
Happy lips and lucky fingers caught each other unawares
Then we burst into the bedroom in confused and happy state
When Nirvana called, we didn’t want to wait

In the morning we were glowing and made love before the dawn
Like a pair of city foxes finding passion on the lawn
Then I rose to make the breakfast, have a shower and clear away
All the piles of rain soaked wreckage that were evidence of play
Though you know I’ll always love you I must say this once again
You’re my angel in the sunshine but my devil in the rain!