Poetry by Jeff Green


We all end up the same

by cricketjeff on February 7, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I heard them talking on the news
They said too many died
I listened to the spokesman’s views
But now I think he lied
The same is true as always was
The death rate stays at one because
We all end up the same

They talked about some strange disease
That killed too many folk
And then they issued solemn pleas
I think they’ve missed the joke
It’s just the same as years ago
There’ll come a day when we will know
We all end up the same

We maybe die before we should
That’s sad in many ways
But dying in the end is good
How else to end our days?
It’s true today tomorrow too
It’s true for me and true for you
We all end up the same

That’s not to say I want it now
I want to live for years
But knowing it’s a fact is how
I face impending fears
I know I’ll die that’s how it is
It’s part of all this living biz
We all end up the same