Poetry by Jeff Green


I would trade

by cricketjeff on February 10, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I would trade your tender kisses for the last things that I own
      For to touch you is to live another day
When we met I was contented now my life is mine on loan
      You dream and I must hurry to obey
I was born to be your shadow you were born a silver star
You’re a single breath of heaven you’re the Queen of Shangri-la

I will worship you in daydreams till I meet you in the flesh
      If daydreams are the best there is to be
I’ll anticipate the moment when our eager bodies mesh
      And finally you give yourself to me
Will I ever be completed can I find the missing piece
I am locked inside this prison till you grant me my release

Please don’t think I am unhappy I can live each day this way
      I have all the rest of life to pass the time
In my heart there is a secret it’s that you’re here every day 
      You’re the spark that turns a prose work into rhyme
I have seen beyond the curtain and I’ve heard the prompters cue
In the final act’s denouement I’ll be left alone with you

You will always be the treasure that is locked inside my heart
      You will always be my gaoler and the key
You’ll be there when I discover that my world was torn apart
      And you’ll never let me lose the best of me
When I have your tender kisses I will want for nothing more
Life will be a dance on moonbeams with the girl that I adore