Poetry by Jeff Green


I didn’t see

by cricketjeff on February 11, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I didn’t see the World before I saw it with your eyes,
I couldn’t understand before you spoke.
The thoughts that I was writing were an eiderdown of lies,
I touched your words and suddenly awoke.
You showed me other answers, other questions, other views,
The insight that you gave me is the pen that I still use.

I’ve learned so much from others, everybody that I meet,
The friends I love to talk to, and a stranger on the street;
But only when I read you did the rest of life make sense,
I thought I’d travelled widely till you took away the fence.

And now that you have shown me I can see what I don’t know,
It’s better when there’s more you need to learn.
If you will walk beside me there’s so far that we could go,
Through your life and through my life turn by turn.
We’d find some new solutions, new conundrums, novel dreams,
Our pens could join together making poetry in streams.

I’ve learned so much from others everybody I have known,
The friends I love to talk to, or the Moon when I’m alone;
But only when I read you did I see the universe,
I thought I knew the music, now I’ve started to rehearse.

So much to find, so much to love, so much to understand,
And you’ll be there to find it all with me.
Exploring all the journeys that nobody else has planned
And turning all we see to poetry.
You’ve given me a vision and a goal before I die,
I know I can’t achieve it, but I know I’m going to try!

Author notes

An eiderdown, is an bed-covering rather like a duvet. soft warm and comforting!