Poetry by Jeff Green


To my Valentine

by cricketjeff on February 13, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

To my Valentine so far across the sea
Who has lit my life in ways I never guessed
I can never tell you what you mean to me
But believe it when I say my life is blessed

To my Valentine who lives inside my heart
You’re a smile when I am feeling all alone
Since I found that we can never be apart
The finest part of me has only grown

To my Valentine who puts herself in words
You have made a better person out of me
When you speak to me I’m flying with the birds
When I dream of you it’s always poetry

To my Valentine forever and a night
You are all I ever wanted and you’re more
It’s only in your dreams the world is right
You’re the girl I’m always going to adore

To my Valentine today’s the perfect day
To tell you that I love you every way