Poetry by Jeff Green


Aural wishes

by cricketjeff on February 15, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I wish that I could let you hear the avalanche of words
That slowly bounce around inside my head
The rumble of the great debates the twitterings like birds
The magic that ensures my muse is fed
The rhymes for words that others speak, I play with all they say
A mumbo jumbo murmuring that never goes away

I wish that you could hear the beats that echo through my mind
Di diddle DUM di diddle DUM di DEE
And then the fuss the voices make when words are hard to find
So they can’t build a line of poetry
They read each other’s fav’rite books for other ways to say
The thoughts that keep us up all night and will not go away

I wish that you could hear it all and then you’d understand
The reasons that I have to write for you
Cacophonies of metered words were not what I had planned
But now they jostle nightly in a queue
I hope that every now and then you’ll find that what I say
Gives you a key to some strong box that never goes away

I wish that we could sit and hear the universal sound
The rhythm of the Moon and all her stars
The babbling of mountain brooks the raindrums on the ground
Or Rock musicians torturing guitars
And in our heads we’d hear the words the things we need to say
To keep us tied so tightly that we’ll never fade away