Poetry by Jeff Green


What men want

by cricketjeff on September 1, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

If your guy is a techno freak
Or writes crosswords in ancient greek
There’s an easy way to make his week
However it goes he’ll feel alright
With a bigger hard disk and a blue flashing light

If his favourite team has sold their star
If you’ve just borrowed and crashed his car
If his favourite shoes are covered in tar
His whole damn life will seem alright
With a lot more ram and a blue flashing light

If you’ve a better score on his favourite game
If your wilder side you just can’t tame
So you seduced all his mates and feel no shame
Whatever you’ve done he’ll be all right
With more megapixels and a blue flashing light

When the neighbourhood yobs decide to play
A game of taking and driving away
Old Bill just thinks they’ve made his day
The whole of his life is now alright
He’s a faster car and a blue flashing light

When he’s down in the mouth and looking blue
When the aims of his life are mired in glue
There’s one little thing you can always do
To make his life seem shining bright
Get a see-through teddy and a RED flashing light!!!

Author notes

I have a poem on allpoetry called “what women want” which I think is funnier and truer but would be a prewrite.

Terms “Old Bill is English English for a policeman, English police cars have blue flashing lights, as do all good gadgets!