Poetry by Jeff Green


True diffidence

by cricketjeff on February 15, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Though Gilbert declared it in style,
(To music designed to beguile)
I have never believed that it’s true,
That boasting’s the best thing for you.
So I remain quiet and shy,
A modest and diffident guy.
Although I’m as sharp as a knife,
I’ll miss out on worry and strife,
By modestly standing aside,
For the fools of the world and their pride.

I know that I’m smarter than most
But no-one can say I would boast.
I won’t stick my nose in the air
When those lesser mortals are there,
I’ll smile at their pompous debate
And not let them know I am great.
Of course if they’re wise they will see
That they aren’t the equal of me
But I won’t be the fellow to say
They need to get out of my way.

I’m silent on all of my skills,
And I don’t possess many ills,
There’s only one fault I’ll admit
You’ve guessed that my modesty’s it.
The world needs such people as me
And since you are smart you’ll agree.
You see I’m the greatest around,
My insights are always profound
But riches and praise I eschew –
By being more modest than you!