Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on February 17, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I’ve a funny sort of notion Thursday’s Friday,
And my Wednesday has a Tuesday sort of feel;
But the day I come to see you will be my day,
And the feelings that confuse me will be real.

If I cannot tell a brunette from a redhead
And I greet a lady driver “Thank-you Dad”,
It’s because my mind contains a drop-me-dead-head,
You’re the most complete distraction that I’ve had

Since I met you I’ve abandoned all complaining,
Been as nice as pie to everyone I’ve met.
Walked the roads in jeans and t-shirt when it’s raining,
Given cash to charities without regret.

I’m not sure my head is still sat on my shoulders,
I’m not confident the Sun is up by day,
But I see a gravel path, where once huge boulders,
Had been strewn across the track to block my way.

If I’m sweating when it’s snowing what’s it matter?
I am sure some other lovers feel the same.
In the office there’s a lot of idle chatter
And they’re trying to guess the name of who’s to blame.

So today’s a day when I am feeling happy,
There are days when all the world is sad and blue,
But I can’t be feeling alligator snappy,
On  a day when I am sure I’ll talk to you.