Poetry by Jeff Green


Birthday treat

by cricketjeff on February 17, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

She waits, at my direction, in the clothing that she chose;
I’ll approve of her selection but imagination grows.
Will my touch be soft and tender or a stinging ringing slap,
Will I snap each taut suspender, pull her legs across my lap?

She waits, her breathing steady, but her pulse runs double time;
A reward for standing steady, or some half invented crime.
Ceremonial unveiling, panties pulled down with my teeth,
Or a ritual entailing lots of fun with what’s beneath.

She waits on this her birthday for the present she desires
It’s a what’s tomorrow worth day made for stoking passion’s fires
With a sheen of perspiration wanting pleasure wanting pain
She adores anticipation like a glass of fine champagne

She waits for my arrival and the answer to the quiz
Hardly betting on survival, with her thinking in a fizz,
But there isn’t any doubting as she waits for something more
There’ll be lots of fun and shouting and tonight won’t be a bore!