Poetry by Jeff Green


The theme song of the Eighth Royal Southumbrian Penguineers

by cricketjeff on February 18, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A regal legal eagle bought a basset and a beagle
He’d heard he had to have a pair of hounds
Then attempted to finagle tarantellas penned by Spriegal
Well before the third trombones were out of bounds
But a poet with a stutter found the lines too hard to mutter
So he changed the meaning in a novel way
Now its all about a cutter who can’t stand brown bread and butter
And who can’t afford to yodel on his pay
You many think that many suffer rather like the strange old buffer
But a study shows his illness to be rare
So unless you’re that old duffer or a most ingenious bluffer
I suspect the honest truth’s that you don’t care

Author notes

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