Poetry by Jeff Green


Days of cold and drizzle

by cricketjeff on February 18, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

On these days of cold and drizzle you’re a voice inside my mind,
Just an echo of a promise in my heart.
When I’m alone, not lonely, there is company to find,
And your voice takes centre stage to play its part.

You’re the smile I thought forgotten in a past I never knew,
You’re the whisper of the wind on summer days,
When I know I’m at a crossroads you will pipe up right on cue,
You’re my sat-nav that will help me through the maze.

Are there words inside your whisper? Can’t you make the meanings clear?
Will I know you when I meet you, by and by?
On these days of cold and drizzle I shall keep you very near,
And we’ll try to teach each other how to fly.