Poetry by Jeff Green


Tonight’s main news!

by cricketjeff on February 19, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The country’s going crazy on Eastenders
Apparently a character got killed
A quarter century of slags on benders
Another chunk of prime-time has been filled

They shot it live so there could be no leaking
The bookies took a fortune on the case
With journalists on tabloids busy peaking
I bet there was a scrum all round the place

A Mitchell died, I think, it doesn’t matter
I’ve never seen the show the whole way through
But offices need filling up with chatter
Or else the staff would find some work to do

Now if you know who died and who’s the crook
Please write it down somewhere I’ll never look!

Author notes

A soap opera, called East Enders is the most popular TV programme in the UK.