Poetry by Jeff Green


The Heliogram

by cricketjeff on February 23, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

She is waiting in the water for the dawn to bring the day,
For the silver in the sunlight that will carry her away.
She’s alone without her lover in a far off foreign land,
He is fighting in a battle she will never understand.

But the sun that saw her lover will be here to kiss her soon
And he sends his love to wash her every wartime afternoon.
He is searching for explosives, saving lives she doesn’t know,
But he knows when she’ll be bathing in the early morning glow.

When the first few beams of sunlight paint his portrait in the sky,
She can feel his love within them and her soul begins to fly.
He is safe, she knows for certain, as the sky turns blue above.
And the Sun destroys the night-time with the power of his love.

She’s ecstatic when she hears him for a moment on the phone,
And she reads and reads each letter every moment she’s alone.
But it’s only in the morning, standing naked in the sea,
That the love he sends on sunbeams lets her know he’s safe and free.