Poetry by Jeff Green


Snow Seuss

by cricketjeff on March 2, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

We sat looking sad
At the snow as it snowed,
We looked out for Dad
And his car on the road.
But nothing was moving,
The snow made us frown.
No chance of improving,
The day got us down.
We should have been playing,
On bikes at the park
But now we’ll be staying
Inside till it’s dark.
Too cold to have fun,
There is nothing to do;
No sign of the sun,
As I’m sitting with you.

But as we were sitting
Alone looking glum,
A thought started hitting
“You children are dumb!
There’s snow all around you
There’s lots you can do
If you put your coats on
Don’t sit in a stew.”
With gloves on each hand
And with boots on our feet
We’d soon understand
That the snow is a treat.
A snowman as big
As a horse then appeared,
With a face like a pig
But we cheered and we cheered.
We slid on the ice
On the path to the gate,
Then found it was nice
If you used it to skate.
Made snowballs to throw
At the door to the shed.
I fell in the snow
It was soft on my head.
And when we heard Mum,
Shouting loud from the door,
We both acted dumb
And we played a lot more.
With Dad home for tea,
As the evening grew dark,
We said there can’t be
As much fun in the park!