Poetry by Jeff Green


It’s Not His Fault!

by cricketjeff on March 4, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

We each of us get older every year
A daft idea but everyone complies
The time must come retirement’s getting near
Your savings plans succumbed to many lies
I’m pretty sure he’d hate it if I mention
The first thing Gordon did was pinch your pension

We had it good, the end of boom and bust
All Gordon’s work, no others lent a hand
So Gordon is the one you have to trust
The rest of them will never understand
So now the boom has bust he thinks that we
Should blame it on the World’s economy

He spent and spent and borrowed all he could
The other stuff he left to Tony Blair
The only things that Gordon did were good
To blame him for the lies is most unfair
And borrowing when you’re rich can’t hurt you more
Than paying back with interest when you’re poor

The regulations that our Gordon wrote
When FSA replaced the B of E
Were meant to win each wealthy banker’s vote
They can’t be blamed for current penury
The bankers lent more than they could afford
But now they have our cash they feel restored

You have to see it isn’t Gordon’s fault,
The things he’s done have all been good and nice
He sold the gold we once kept in a vault
For rather less than half its current price
But it’s OK as long as Labour lose
There’s no more weird excuses they can use

The schools don’t teach our kids but it’s OK
The forces don’t need guns or boats or planes
The losses for the taxpayers today
Translate directly into others’ gains
So please don’t blame it all on Gordon Brown
He cares so much he always wears a frown