Poetry by Jeff Green


Recipe for Life

by cricketjeff on March 5, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

What man could ask for more than this
To live his life well loved with friends
A little pain and then some bliss
                                To make amends

To grow to adult life unspoiled
A childhood filled with love and charm
If all his evil schemes are foiled
                                There’ll be no harm

To find a wife who loves the same
Sweet company through all his days
The wit to see that life’s a game
                                A lover plays

To raise his children, staying sane
Then see them set out on their own
To have their loving hearts remain
                                On long-term loan

Perhaps to find a second wind
Another tilt at having fun
Though hair is grey and rather thinned
                                New tales begun

And who can say what follows next
What’s there behind each new found door
These questions leave us all perplexed
                                That’s what they’re for!!!                               

Author notes

A “sapphic” ode, a la Alexander Pope