Poetry by Jeff Green


Resting Place.

by cricketjeff on March 6, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I shall visit you this evening, feel my tears flow from your eyes,
Hear my voice as it re-echoes through the silence of your sighs.
Feel the warmth of urgent kisses as my lips are pressed to yours
Making tales to fill the vacuum that the universe abhors.
Where the star-like waters tumble and my memories reside,
In the scents of fresh forgiveness on a golden mountainside,
Where we watched the dippers wading through the flashes of the stream
And you taught me love was waiting in the shadows of a dream.

There are eagles high above us and a raven far below,
Searching under rocks and boulders in the dying evening’s glow.
Walker’s boots sound hard and heavy but we lie there undisturbed,
In a bed of dark green grasses on a bank that’s lightly herbed.
Fingers touch as daylight’s ending one by one the stars appear;
Slowly drawing midnight’s curtains through a sky that’s cold and clear,
Over land that turns to velvet, with its streams of bright galloon,
We’ll be lit as bright as daylight in the spotlight of the Moon.
It’s a lake of liquid beauty where perfection procreates,
I shall wait for you forever, in this land where nothing waits.

Author notes

Inspired by “You Will Remember” by Pablo Neruda

You will remember that leaping stream
where sweet aromas rose and trembled,
and sometimes a bird, wearing water
and slowness, its winter feathers.

You will remember those gifts from the earth:
indelible scents, gold clay,
weeds in the thicket and crazy roots,
magical thorns like swords.

You’ll remember the bouquet you picked,
shadows and silent water,
bouquet like a foam-covered stone.

That time was like never, and like always.
So we go there, where nothing is waiting;
we find everything waiting there.