Poetry by Jeff Green


The Deli Dish

by cricketjeff on March 6, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I’d never seen a finer recipe,
A dry and fruity promise of delight;
The red wine of her lips was ecstasy,
I travelled south to taste her sweeter white.

The texture of her tongue, the very best,
No epicure has thrilled to such a dish.
Black olives rested on the tender breast,
I asked for more and she fulfilled my wish.

She sprinkled on a little olive oil,
An extra virgin blend, but not naive.
With all her care the meal could never spoil
And I’d enjoy a night you won’t believe!

A special just for me that Saturday,
Prepared that extra special deli way.

Gelato’s at its best when slightly warmed,
And hers was sweet and tasty on my lips.
The little tricks my waitress now performed,
Were presaged by a wiggle of her hips.

Italian bread must give a hint of fire;
Bruschetta heated underneath the grill
Could not evince more ardent a desire
Than I could feel for this, my deli thrill.

The chequered cloth was spread with all her treats,
As time went by I sampled quite a few.
I offered her the savouries and sweets,
Salami was her choice, I’m sure you knew!

I’m know you’d love this deli’s attitude,
So come on in and try Italian food!