Poetry by Jeff Green


Trying too hard?

by cricketjeff on March 7, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It’s easy for your rhyme to go awry
And why it does remains a mystery
Appearances deceive which makes it tough
To make a plan and have it carried through

I strive to keep my verses error free
As smooth as an ambassador’s soiree
Each line subjected to a rhymer’s sieve
I take more care than people can believe

Please tell me if you see a flaw appear
A broken rhyme is more than I can bear
So if I can I’ll climb out of the soup
Though some I know would take it as a coup

This is the best that I can do for now
And if I’ve got it right you’ll let me know

Author notes

It’s just for fun!

Don’t you just love English spelling!

PS if anyone of these couplets do rhyme in your accent please let me know so I can introduce an error at once