Poetry by Jeff Green


What she wanted at Wal-mart

by cricketjeff on November 23, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Thumbs secured with sticky tape
Sting has breasts pushed out of shape
Pussy filled with fat felt markers
Apart from that I’ve left her starkers

Back to Wal-mart for a spoon
On her bum to beat a tune
New clothes pegs to shut her nose
Candle wax to case her toes

To pull her hairs I’ve found some tweezers
Would nipples like these garlic squeezers?
Stout broom handle that’s a start
To keeping her fine legs apart

Checking every aisle in store
Things I buy, what are they for?
Make sure there’s none I’ve missed
She gave me such a detailed list…

Author notes

Nearest in the UK is Woolworths I believe so I’ve based it on that. Was designed for a contest by Shimmer on adult shopping at Wal-mart but seems I’m only one of two with a sufficiently dirty mind so she pulled it.