Poetry by Jeff Green


Four Women

by cricketjeff on March 9, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Forgetting all my worries in the wonder of her eyes,
Her laughter and the wiggle as she walked.
I thought about her subject, her commitment and her thighs
And how her lips looked lovely as she talked.
She seemed to speak for ages, I remembered every word,
Too bad her thoughts were nonsense, and her arguments absurd.

I stood to hear the patter in her soft melodic tones,
Her skirt was almost larger than a belt.
I hoped that I had stifled any unintended groans,
Her handshake was the best I’ve ever felt.
And afterwards I told her that her sales-pitch was a smash,
But what she tried to sell me was a waste of hard earned cash!

The movements of a goddess and a crown of burnished gold,
And running shorts she’d sprayed onto her skin.
Her posture on the start-line had me feeling very old,
I thought about the prize I’d like to win.
And when she started running any doubts were in the past,
But though she looked a picture she would finish second last!

A pretty face and laughter like the girl who lives next door.
A chat or three, the pictures, then a meal.
She wasn’t like a filmstar that a million men adore
But she kissed me and allowed an extra feel.
Don’t judge on her appearance, like a book you need to read;
With love and understanding you are certain to succeed!

Author notes

And before anyone jumps down my throat, this is pure fantasy! I’m just a dirty old man writing for fun!!!