Poetry by Jeff Green


Final Refusal

by cricketjeff on March 13, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The only time the stars outshone the sun,
The only time I heard the water smile,
The moment that the future had begun,
But I could only hold it for a while.

Her hair was like a waterfall at night,
Cascading into dreams before my eyes.
Her eyes were full of sparkling delight
But I have lost the beauty of her sighs.

I used to love to walk beside the lake,
Where sunlight played with ripples in the breeze,
But now I know my sanity would break,
No man has lived through sadder times than these.

I met her by the lake so long ago
And if she’s not in heaven I shan’t go.

Author notes

I am unsure about the rich rhyming couplet, at the moment it works in my mind, but I may reread later and scream at the horror of it

So I might have to rewrite it.

Since I know the film, and there’s a DVD of it in the rack I could claim to have a favourite scene, but I’d be lying, I can’t remember it at all