Poetry by Jeff Green


Save British Science!

by cricketjeff on March 17, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

They rush to kill the goose that lays the eggs,
That other’s find are made of burnished gold.
We’re left to slake our thirst on bitter dregs
When all the best our art has made is sold.

The “ROI” is great but never mind,
The votes aren’t in the facts they’re cast by fools
The politicians seem to leave behind
The thought that voters used to go to schools

Don’t let them steal the future from your kids
It’s only science that can save the world
When economic trends first hit the skids
The banners of the luddites are unfurled

We have to spend within our power to pay
But only fools would throw the best away

Author notes

I’m no longer a professional scientist, and have never depended on government science spending for my living, but like everyone else alive I do depend on science for just about everything I do.

Think before you vote