Poetry by Jeff Green


And in my dreams

by cricketjeff on March 20, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

And in my dreams she’s only wearing roses,
As soft as summer breezes in your hair.
The petals fall, the image decomposes,
I can’t believe my love was never there.

And in my dreams her kisses taste of honey,
Or summer wine on winter’s coldest day.
The darkest skies are crystal clear and sunny
When I can dream she isn’t far away.

And in my dreams I’m floating on her touches
Her fingertips electric on my skin.
I can’t escape such sweet immortal clutches
She can’t escape the cage I’d keep her in.

And in my dreams, it’s not imagination
My distant lover lies inside my bed.
And when I wake I feel the devastation
My lover’s only here inside my head.

And still my dreams are filled with all her beauty
I know her dreams aren’t different to my own.
Why can’t I lie beside my rose-clad cutie
Instead of waking up in bed, alone.