Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on March 22, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Garnet Diva by Brent Lynch

Her eyes are closed, she’s making love to every man that hears, 
The band are distant echoes in her dream. 
The smoky bar’s a bedroom filled with hard earned souvenirs 
Of life beside an old Virginian stream. 
She doesn’t hear the glasses as the barman pours the booze, 
She breathes an unpolluted river air.
The men that she’s seducing know their only hope’s to lose
But she’s alone with thoughts she’ll never share.
A garnet gilded diva in a club below the street 
Makes men who’re drunk on whiskey feel, tonight, their life’s complete.   

The beat is long and lazy and the trumpet player’s hot, 
He’s hitting notes he’s never heard before.
And she is right beside him giving more than she has got;
The jazz is flowing out across the floor.
And men too dazed to hear her float to heaven on the sound,
Their women sigh and taste the stagnant air;
For just this heart shaped moment they are part of the profound,
Though they can’t know the dreams she’ll never share.
A garnet gilded diva in a club below the street. 
Makes drunkards full of whiskey feel, tonight, their life’s complete.   

Her voice becomes the river, where she left her life on hold,
The music is a warm and sultry breeze,
And lazing in the grasses underneath the burning gold,
Her lover wastes his life beneath the trees.
The drinkers are enraptured in their own forgotten hope,
They gave their lives away quite unaware, 
Now they can only touch them in a mix of booze and dope
But she has dreams too personal to share.
A garnet gilded diva in a club below the street, 
Who sings to drown the heartache of a life that’s incomplete.   

Author notes

I saw the picture in a contest, but I can’t find the contest now so I assume it closed …

The painting is by Brent Lynch


And you can find individual prints on allposters.com, this is called “Garnet Diva”