Poetry by Jeff Green


The Unexpected Win

by cricketjeff on March 24, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

“And furthermore”, I heard her dragging on
The tirade launched the moment I arrived.
The reason for her nagging long since gone
But somehow, through it all, the hurt survived.

“Another thing”, I may have been asleep
And missed an hour or more of diatribe.
By now the metaphors were getting deep
I wondered if she’d let me unsubscribe.

And what is this? The nagging fades away;
She’s seen the bunch of roses in my hand.
Intent on ire, she quite forgot the day
And now I’ve spoiled the evening she had planned.

She hardly spoke throughout that special meal,
I can’t remember any better deal!

Author notes

It is entirely make believe!!!

I cannot stress enough, this is make believe!!!