Poetry by Jeff Green


I may be going mad I guess

by cricketjeff on March 25, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The words in my head seem to stumble and tumble
In crashing together they change what I know
They’re laughing and teasing and watching me fumble
To find any verse that I’m willing to show

The voices are calling and playing with sayings
Pretending the endings are easy to find
They leave me to chase their provocative brayings
The flotsam and jetsam that leaks from my mind

The games that they play are my constant companions
The tickling feeling of words having fun
I wait till their bridges are strung across canyons
Then try to decipher the tales they have spun

And then my dear readers I rush to the keyboard
To capture the nonsense I’ve struggled to think
The waves of the world can soon better the freeboard
And under their weight all my verses will sink