Poetry by Jeff Green


Justifiable Homicide

by cricketjeff on March 25, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

There’s a man who moves my office every day
So by Friday it is miles and miles away
You may think it wouldn’t budge
But I’m certain as I trudge
It was nearer to the station yesterday

There’s a man undoing work already done
He should find another way of getting fun
Maybe take up drinking whisky
Find a girl who’s feeling frisky
There are many other hobbies, pick him one!

There’s a man who drops computers on the floor
And another man who shuts them in a door
The result is things stop working
So I don’t get time for shirking
When my body says I need to sleep some more

There’s a man who studies every foreign nation
And assesses when their workers aren’t on station
Then he breaks a vital function
So without the least compunction
They will call me full of hope and expectation

All these men exist to complicate my life
They are always busy causing me some strife
I’m an easy going chappy
All I want is to be happy
But instead I have to chase them with this knife!!!!