Poetry by Jeff Green


Working half dressed

by cricketjeff on March 27, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I was sitting in the bathroom thinking “Time to go to bed”
In a half a pair of jimjams and a towel
When my mobile’s started singing and I had to fill my head
With a routing expert (says his name’s McDowell)
We have scorers out in India who can’t do the things they should
As the Internet between us isn’t being very good.

So I headed to my keyboard pinging servers left and right
While McDowell was talking gibberish it seemed
And I thought I should be sleeping it’s the middle of the night
Maybe this was just a problem that I dreamed
We have scorers out in India still can’t tell the world the score
As the Internet between us is particularly poor.

After seemingly forever we have pinpointed the fault
And McDowell says they’ve rebooted it’s OK
But it’s far too late in England I shan’t turn a somersault
Just forget about it till another day
And the scorers out in India are now scoring every ball
And the internet between us doesn’t give a damn at all!