Poetry by Jeff Green


He’s Back!!!

by cricketjeff on March 29, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

On Saturday night we’ll be watching and waiting
With no time for chatter or earnest debating
The nation as one will be loving or hating
The New Dr Who on TV

The Daleks divided the cybermen stomping
Platoons of Jadoon heavy booted and clomping
A pretty assistant is sure to be romping
With her Dr Who on TV

The Tardis updated the same size and bigger
The aliens monsters will bluster with vigour
And special effects that make teenagers snigger
When Dr Who’s back on TV

The statues are deadly but lizards are harmless
All men dressed in metal are perfectly charmless
While Davros, disabled, is practically armless
And Dr Who’s back on TV

He’s coming back younger, his hair will be longer
The baddies more deadly their weapons much stronger
The rules that they follow more fiendish and wronger
But Dr Who’s back on TV

I’ve grown up beside him and seen every series
He’s seen every planet from Neptune to Ceres
And out thought the worst with some even worse theories
But he is the best of TV!!!!